Alternative OS for Windows 10

  • I using Ubuntu 18.10. Beautiful linux distro. I like that

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you guys,

    I installed Mint, ElementaryOS and Manjaro, All of them are great, I guess Linux mint is the best choose fore me, but there is a big problem with my internet connection, I can't install everything from internet directly and this is so bad, because of government policy about internet censorship... :(

  • Yes of course, these years I used VPN to surf the net ^^ but I use Firefox plugin for that, I dunno if I use VPN on Linux environment, the terminal and other stuff works or it related to loop back IP.

    Well a regular VPN connection for any traffic will solve the problem then, the system is always using the default gateway and if you have a VPN turned on it changes the default gateway to the one from VPN connection so console or anything is using it too.

  • I found another Linux distro, Parrot security OS, it has everything including anonymous surfing, I have to install it and maybe this one will be the good one X/

    Well any linux distro should have everything you need to. It's depending on what you want to do, server or desktop. For most easy desktop setup, as Yunus already mentioned ubuntu is not the worst choise to try it out. In any country with web filter running it comes to the question if you can setup a vpn or not. If yes you should still be able to get the updates etc. for you distro if no then it's a question of what you goverment white list and what is put on blacklist.

    Yunus told me that paypal for example isn't possible anymore in turkey and as far i know their goverment has web filter as well running. Anyway he is able to use ubuntu as update the system.

    A distro for annonymous surfing is probably not the right choice as a desktop environment and development setup at all.

  • Yes you are right about it, If I choose a desktop linux, I'll choose Mint for sure, But I have to test it for several days too, the anonymous surfing is very handy for me, coz I don't need to VPN anymore... Thank you Sven

    Well it has just preconfigured build in web proxy i guess, but you should have no issues if you have the possibility to use vpn. For surfing "anonymous" you can use the tor browser available for any os out there. Well at least all the popular.

  • Using elementary OS too. But basically its just an Ubuntu with a nicer desktop. Linux Mint is also based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu things are nice, because you can find a lot of stuff and help about it.

    My brother is a former Arch user and switched to Manjaro, which is actually an setup of Arch Linux and more handy to configure (Arch is a Do It Yourself Distro). He is also using Fedora which is also very nice. At my university the provide it as dualboot to windows.

    Choose one, try it and try some more. Linux is about trying an switching. It's like changing clothes ;).

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  • Thank you guys,

    Today I had a time to try Parrot Sec OS, But I couldn't install it, I had problem with Grub and Lilo, they couldn't write to the disk, i dunno why, everything went normally except writing Grub and Lilo...

    I tried Manjaro, It was excellent, but I had problem with its Calendar, The Persian Calendar was the Kurdish! till now the only distro that was OK for me, was the LinuxMint...

    Elementary OS was good too, but its environments is look alike MacOS, and there wasn't minimize button ^^ I was confused

  • Parrot Sec was the best.. But many users have problems with updates