Problems when following the docs to add theme and widget settings

  • Hi,

    I am following the Theme tutorial to make my own theme using uikit 3.

    Everything looks fine except when I reached the theme and widget settings.

    There the tutorial seems a little bit outdated since I faced some problems with webpack.

    I had to use some older versions of babel, webpack etc but again I have problems.

    1. When I run webpack the files are created inside a "dist" folder and then the path in my webpack.config.js

    This mean I have to move every time I run webpack the files from the dist/app/bundle to the app/bundle/ folder manually.

    While the webpack conf is :

    *In new webpack versions the "loaders" is deprecated and need to use "rules" and specify the loader in the loader.

    The following code returns errors in webpack

    1. loaders: [
    2. { test: /\.vue$/, loader: "vue" }
    3. ]

    2. The file site-theme.vie in app/components folder fails on webpack because in the webpack you cannot have more than one root elements. So what I did was to wrap everything in <template> in a div container to overcome this. Here is the code :

    Then In the Settings, the Theme tab is blank and when I inspect is empty.

    I check the sources in my page and the file site-theme.js is loaded, no errors in my console.

    The same happens on the Widget settings, The "Theme" tab is also blank.

    What I am doing wrong ?

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Well I have heard about this issue too already from some members here in the forum but never faced it myself somehow.

    In the marketplace are already some ported themes to uikit 3 as some new uikit 3 available.

    In general the settings menu only available after successful compiling of the vue template files.

    To avoid any issues I would suggest that you give a try to use theme one or theme minimal ported to uikit 3 and change it to your own needs, visual as functional. Then compile it and try again.

    This way I would start at least as it was working fine so far for me in the past already. Especially if you are familiar a bit with the templates structure from original yootheme templates you should experience no problems then. The good thing is that backend as frontend are separated that's why it's working fine with using uikit 3, the bad thing is you will need to modify like every extension available as the most are using the old v2 Syntax.



    P. s. the worst thing is ever is the fact that the ceo of yootheme is thinking that pagekit is in a good shape still....

  • Hi Fossy,

    thank you for answering.

    Believe it or not, before I post here, I found your theme and installed it.

    I said That is all I need visually. And you have done a good job. But I needed some widgets and some full-width, parallax etc that couldn't display properly.

    So I started building my custom theme because I would make a lot of changes and afraid of loosing some work in future updates...

    Believe me, when I was trying to make it work, I was thinking about you a lot :P , "what this guy has done different and compiles fine ?"

    But I will try it in the next days. I will finish my widgets and will adapt them to your theme.




    I had really bad experience with YooTheme for a long time. They don't provide support for their paid products. I don't think is only the ceo :P

    But UIkit is a nice library and I don't want to give up yet :)

  • Hi Mike,

    Well I prefer uikit framework over bootstrap too mate, speed and easy to use since version 3. Well unfortunately you are absolutely right about yootheme politics and their products that's why I stopped usung them too, except uikit and pagekit as it's just fun to use it in compare to WordPress or joomla.