Mercator Gallery Extension (new version - 1.07.00)

  • UPDATE: Removed the zip files as it is now in the Marketplace.

    I have produced version 1.06.00 of the Mercator Gallery extension. As I have cleaned up the code, it might break the exiting installations. If you want to use it, use the following "mode" when calling (mercator_gallery):

    • "mode":"lightbox" --- Show thumbnails, which turn into a Lightbox when clicked upon. This is the default.
    • "mode":"slider" --- Show an inline slideshow (using UIKit's slider).
    • "mode":"randomimage" --- Show a single, random image

    There are a few additional settings, see the README file.

  • I have updated the extension with UIKit3RC20 (it still works with UIKit2 templates) and uploaded it to the Marketplace.

    Note that I have started cleaning up the code, make sure you are using the ride "mode" if you have it explicitly, ie slider, lightbox, ...

    If you want so see it operational, have a look at for a slider or for a lightbox. If you go to, you see the 'randomimage' mode. Just refresh your browser and you should see a new ()random) image every time you refresh.

  • Mercator

    Changed the title of the thread from “Mercator Gallery Extension (new version - 1.06.00)” to “Mercator Gallery Extension (new version - 1.07.00)”.
  • Updated to version 1.07.0x:

    • If you are using a UIKit3 (THREE)-based theme, please, tick the respective box in the extension settings.
    • If you are using a template with UIKit2, the gallery will use UIKIT3.0.2 to render the galleries.