Variables Extension

  • Good evening,

    I have uploaded version 1.0.0 of the Mercator Variables extension to the Marketplace. It basically allows you to query Pagekit and pure PHP variables. The one I use most is

    1. <a href="admin/site/page/edit?id=(variables){"id":"pageid"}" target="pkedit"> Edit page</a>

    I have added this to the Footer Widget and allows a user to just click on Edit page and is taken straight to the editor.



  • Hi,

    How can I use it for widget? It there a way to set this up so all of the widgets on a page will be editable?

    Add a TEXT widget, located at the footer and only visible to Admintrator. Then add the following in the body of that text widget:

    1. <small>
    2. <a href="admin/site/page/edit?id=(variables){"id":"pageid"}" target="pkedit">Edit page</a></br>
    3. <a href="/admin/site/page" target="pkedit">Pages overview</a><br>
    4. <a href="/user/logout">Logout administrator</a>
    5. </small>