Nice UIKit 3 Navigation in Offcanvas Menu

  • I asked already SAB,

    But probably someone else has faced same too already.

    Sine I ported some templates to uikit 3 I realised today a small dissatisfaction when it comes to navigation in the Offcanvas menu.

    Well on entries without subentries everything is fine, but it gets clunky when an entry has child items.

    In template.php I added following to get at least the parent icon shown when a page has subpages.

    1. <?php if ($view->menu()->exists('offcanvas')) : ?> <?= $view->menu('offcanvas', ['class' => 'uk-nav-primary uk-nav-parent-icon'])?> <?php endif ?>

    If I look into source code of the page when the page is rendered i see this one at Offcanvas menu. So the icon is displayed but without function.

    1. <ul class="uk-nav uk-nav-primary uk-nav-parent-icon">

    For correct function the following code works fine.

    1. <ul class="uk-nav-primary uk-nav-parent-icon" uk-nav>

    But where I can delete the uk-nav class inside the class declaration and put it outside? I did searched every file that I know what should be responsible for that but no way I can find it. In general it should be only template.php and menu-items.php that is responsible for the behavior but I don't see where uk-nav class is added there at all.