Automatic Slideshow based on UIKit3 - Also for UIKit2 Templates (Superseded)

  • Here we go. This is the revised gallery plugin, based on UIKit3:

    To use this plugin within Pagekit:

    - Create a directory with your images within Storage, e.g., "show1"

    - To include the images on your page, simply use (mercator_gallery){"dir":"show1"} .

    - The script will automatically produce a preview of the images

    There are already a few options you can use, please, see the README file.

  • Well I have tried again to install this plugin on a pagekit installation that is not in the root folder. I was wondering why I had the oops error because the extension wanted to have under the root www folder storage Images... Well I created this folder not in the pagekit installation and thumbnails were created but, it showed me no pictures symbols because now the plugin wanted the thumbnails from the storage folder of a pagekit installation. I guess this is the bug about thumbnails created you mentioned?

    plus I changed the widget code to inline slideshow mode but it had no effect it is still lightbox. Is the Syntax changed for that? on github it seems to be updated but probably I'm missing something.

    Regards Fossy

  • Yes, there is a bug, thanks for pointing this out, Fosphatic Duke. I will fix it when I get back online tomorrow. It is actually interesting... is seems that the $options variable is not set... and i dont know why this is the case when Pagekit is not installed in the root directory...

  • Mercator

    Changed the title of the thread from “Automatic Slideshow based on UIKit3 - Also for UIKit2 Templates” to “Automatic Slideshow based on UIKit3 - Also for UIKit2 Templates (Superseded)”.