• Почитав форум я понял что вы новичков презираете, ставите себя выше их потому что знаете азы программирования.
    Разве так можно ?
    А вы не такие асы программирования, как я уже это понял. Снимите с себя маску лицемерия и давайте общаться нормально

    And again you start insulting things... but trying to tell me I should not take it personal, so why do you take it personal? :)

    I never said that I'm above anyone in anything, i did even always the opposite when it comes to writing code. I'm a beginner on this topic, but i have no problems with some html, css and php at least modifying it to fit on my needs, because of basic understanding.

    Even my attempt to explain you on most humanly readable kind of code to human language translation you don't even try to understand. You won't get any keyready solutions form my side as you have allowed you to lean out of the window way to far for several times already and start doing it again...

  • То есть вы не хотите помогать.Я правильно понимаю?

    I don't think that you want even to understand me, if you would you would have already the solution for no issue you got on the website you try to setup... Help you got here already not too less you should just start learn to read and even try to understand someone is trying to help you...

  • Ну вот смотри, ты сделал обновление темы )за что большое тебе спасибо за твой труд, я это очень высоко оценил ) , прекрасно вывел форму регистрации, входа и выхода.
    Не мог бы ты сделать ещё одно обновление темы чтобы форма связи смотрелась презентабельно а не как сейчас ( http://evlz.ru/contacts )
    Я всё делал точно по твоему видео шаг в шаг

    Edited once, last by Kuzmich: Хотя,всё. Уже не нужно этого делать. Я перешёл на дефолтовую тему и всё встало как надо ().

  • As long you use the uikit v3 based template it will look this way. As this extension is based on uikit v2, and could need anyway an update, but this guys who created it, quited somehow to even maintain his extensions who has many bugs. That's why i would not recommend anyone to use them. Put a link ob a picture with opnening the default e-mail client is way better then an extension without any gdpr compliance and as i mentioned before buggy as hell.

  • Kuzmich If you have a problem with Uikit just open an issue on its github repo. I am sure they will help you ... or not? I am sure they will tell you the same there as here: First learn Html and Css, read and understand the docs and then come back if your question is not resolved yet ...

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