Registration, entry and exit from the site

  • Hello ! Anyone from the developer can fix the file with the script of registration, enter the site and exit site with the conclusion that only the website automatically PageKit?

    I understand that it supposedly deals with YOOtheme. But I wrote in support a week ago, but unfortunately did not receive an answer.

    I am far from programming and have never done much. :(

    I can't do this on my own.

    Please help to make sure that users can easily register on the site, log on to the site and exit from it

    Thank you in advance

  • Hello Kuzmich

    I didn't understand you correctly, but I guess you need to registration form, login form, and logout ...

    this is a little tutorial to how to Login and Register link for guest users and logout for registered users

    first of first, you have to enable registration in the Pagekit,

    So go to Admin/Users/Setting and enable registration.

    So your users can register in your site now,

    But the need to registration form, Go to Admin/Site/Add Page/Link, Now you need to create 3 links to 3 pages, Login,Logout, and Registration.

    step 1

    first you have to create Registration form

    the important thing is you have to enable this only for guest users, so do exactly as in the snapshot,

    create a link /user/registration

    write your menu title, and restrict access for Anonymous users (important)

    Save and close it.

    step 2

    repeat step 1 except you have to link to the /user/login . and name the title "Login"

    Step 3

    repeat step 2 and 3, and add link to the /user/logout

    and the important thing is you have to restrict access to the Authenticated and Administrator users.

    There is no need to any extra extension or hire a freelancer or anything else.