• Hi Roman,

    I have installed your Hidemail extension via the marketplace.

    In order to try it, I have opened a test page I had already created, and I added on a new line my email address.

    But nothing happened : when viewing the page in my browser I still have my address readable.

    I did nothing else than intalling via the marketplace. And it seems that I have no parameters to change.

    Have you an idea ?



  • Today I released version 1.0.1 that fixes problems with bixie's formmaker extension.

    You can also define, on which pages the extension should be included (default: all) if you want to exclude a specific page.

    1. ## 1.0.1
    2. - ADD: Adds possibility to choose, where the plugin should be activated
    3. - ADD: Added French translation (thanks to f1evm)
    4. - ADD: Added German translation
    5. - FIX: Solves a problem with extensions that are posting content to embedded views