Use mobile nav for desktop?

  • So the uikit v2 version or did you tried the ported uikit v3 version directly? The difference isn't big but significant in the uikit syntax. Well however in both version the following code you need to find it's directly after <body> tag starts:

    The file where you can find it is named template.php and you can find it in the pacakges -> pagekit -> theme-one -> views

    This is the navbar section of the main template file and you should took a close look on following code in this section:

    Okay so the upper php expression is for rendering the navmar menu the lower for the mobile menu (burger menu). You can decide now what you do but i would say you could consider to hide the horizontal navbar completely and just enable the visibility of the burger menu not only on small screens.

    If you change the upper code from:

    1. <div class="uk-navbar-flip uk-hidden-small"> to: <div class="uk-navbar-flip uk-hidden">

    The horozontal navbar should disappear on reload the page immediately.

    To enable the burger menu always visible change the following line of the lower php expressions:

    1. <div class="uk-navbar-flip uk-visible-small"> to <div class="uk-navbar-flip">

    If you wish that this menu appears on left side you can delete the flip expression too, but you will need to modify the logo location to change it without breaking the visuals.

    Make a backup of the template.php before doing any changes to revert back fast if something should go wrong. Which shouldn't happen at all.



    p.s. don't forget that those changes will be gone if you update the template on any future updates, even i would not expect any from yootheme anyway, but just for the common understanding. :)

  • What do I need to change to get the mobile nav (hamburger icon) to be the default nav for desktop as well?


    I didn't quite understand the first question. Sorry, English not very well know

  • Thanks! Messaged you the URL.

    Yeah i saw that one, but unfortinately as it was almost christmas had not too much time for any side activities. However i wrote you an answer with solution back, as it a uikit v2 version template it's just changing the svg icons yootheme used. After all probably small css adjustement is needed, but in most cases it works straight after replacing the files and clearing browser cache.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year