Porting Theme-One to UIKIt v3

  • For the profile and login pages you could add uk-height-viewport="expand: true" to content container, that would stretch the site to full viewport height, if its no already (eventually you have also to use offset-top setting).

    That's true but I ported 1to1 the original and made only the necessary changes to uikit Syntax. So if it isn't full height then I guess in the original template it isn't either.

  • Fosphatic Duke in uikit 3 there was no no expand for viewport height, so its simply not in the original template as was not available ;)

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  • Public Release 1.0.5 is out

    - Changelog:

    - UIKIt v3 RC20

    - Bugfix the mobile navigation menu entries with child items

    @all One question the behaviour of menu in offcanvas menu especially with child entries is somekind weird as the parent entry is not linked to itself. So this way the child entries are collapsed or shown and clickable. Is there a possibility to have the parent item still clickable too? So collapsing or enabling the child items could be done through the chevron icon on the right?

  • # Changelog

    ## 1.0.7 (January 27, 2019)

    ### Changes

    - Applied SAB's improvement suggestion to expand the main container if the height of the page is not filling the screens viewport height

    Big thanks to SAB as he mentioned how to improve the behaviour especially on login or profile pages it's improving the visual experience a lot.



    p.s. the demo page is updated too on positions entry of the demo page to demonstrate almost all possibilites to change backgrounds for sections or widgets


  • # Changelog

    ## 1.0.8 (January 27, 2019)

    ### Bugfix

    - Transparent navbar behavior on scroll up when in page settings invert colors option was not activated

    I guess this is the final release, if no bugs will be reported, as i can't find any by myself actually. Happy modifying guys, well the minified css version is not actual but i guess you do changes anyway to the normal css file then you have to minify your changes anyway. ;)