• Dear ladies and gents,

    This forum is a great place to meet nice people and learn about pagekit CMS. This is an unofficial community that provides a great possibility to learn to help yourself, because yootheme isn't able t provide any kind of user support on their own.

    All people here in the forum who are active and try to help any beginner or advanced users with pagekit as good as they can.

    This is done in their free time beside main work, second job, family and so on. So please try to be as polite and gentle as you can to anyone here. This place is about learning together and probably one day we have enough coders to fork this project to have at least up to date core depencies packages like vue, uikit, symfony etc etc.

    If you are looking for a mass market CMS like Joomla, WordPress and co then you should consider if this is the right CMS for you. As the best way to get having fun with pagekit is always to learn to help yourself and of course as any CMS you should start with reading documentation especially as beginner the pagekit documentation as any other software technologies it's based on, vue.js v1 even its depreciation has been a while as uikit v2 for visuals or v3 depends on templates you want to use or develop and so on.

    A general HTML Syntax understanding is of course a must have and shouldn't be even mentioned. Make your homeworks, ask of course questions but use before doing it the search function as you can suggest many of our users had probably already same similar situation.

    This is multicultural users forum and English is the language we all try to communicate with. Well it's understandable that there is sometimes a language barrier, but it is not an excuse for misbehavior of any users here. If you can't keep a conversation on a civilized level then you should really consider if this place is the right one for you.

    If you posted a thread please be patient if you don't get in next 5 minutes an answer the world will still keep turning around and you shouldn't hold the breath due wait time.

    40 Hours a week job, side activities / jobs as family takes time too. If you are a reliable person and like to help others then apply for a moderator role in this forum I'm sure Roman will be grateful to have some support from people who like to take some responsibility as don't follow only their own interests.

    Everyone can have a bad day, but please consider then probably not being a "nice guy" who is taking the active people here the fun from being further active for you guys not for ourself.

    Every person should know how to behave and treat people who are only willing to help you, but think always about following: Any output can only be as good as the input was. So in any case of miss understanding of any reason think about the above mentioned before overreacting.

    Thank you for your understanding in advance and let's keep this a fun place with educational opportunities as it was in the past.

    Kind regards

    Fossy ✌️