Packaging for the Marketplace: Pointer

  • I have done an extension with the below functionality. I works perfectly. If I wanted to put it into the Marketplace, I would need to package it. Can anyone point me to a SHORT tutorial how to do that?

  • Well if you start to write your extension like you should do it the yootheme / pagekit way then you just run webpack and zip the content without node packages and .gitignore folder thats it.

    the easiest way is to take a small pagekit extension from github and rewrite it for your needs then it should be very easy in your case. There is as well a short video series how to about this to do app for the backend there you see the basics of the extension structure and there was a link to github with the files written due the tutorial so probably a suitable start point for you?

  • Thanks... I started using the example extension and customised it. It now works and all I will do is keep it local in that case as I don't have the nerves for finding webpack for my iMac and go through another learning cycle.

  • Well if you can install it the regular way then you are there I guess. Just zip and you good. Webpack is not hard to find 😁 You just install npm in the console and then Webpack there are. any threads here about it how to get it running. It grabs automatically what you need if you have git. You clone the project locally then run npm install it get the packets you need for "compiling" your project, then you run Webpack and you good. It takes 5 minutes to setup most I guess and is a plus when you work with git as it helps to get things fast done.