• Hello!

    I have a few questions about this extension:

    1.Please tell me how to control the size of the images to display correctly ? On the slideshow I show only the corner of pictures

    2.How to adjust in addition to the height of the slide show and the width?

    Where is this corrected ?

    3.How do I make a full-width slide show?

  • Unfortunately no video available, but I don't like this extension at all as it is not scaling as it should on small screen devices.

    The good thing is you don't need this extension to have a nice sideshow. Pagekit CMS uses uikit v2 originally and only few templates can use uikit v3.

    Depends on which template you setting up your site the Syntax is changed slightly.

    Uikit has a good documentation how to make a nice sideshow or slideset what ever. In general I would suggest that you should check out this documentation as it is very useful to style your homepage like you want.



    P.s. The advanced blog extension is not hard to setup but you have to know that the actual version is not done yet and in development by and the old one version 1.x should work fine with uikit v2 templates, the actual development version on the way to version 2 is using uikit v3 that means you should use or create a template on uikit v3 basis.