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  • with the default blog system it is easy! It's a rights question!

  • You're welcome well as already mentioned in one post, he want to bring an better improved version of comments module, i guess with social sharing functions etc etc. Will take some time for sure but time could solve this problem as many others :)

    Well however if you are skilled enough to write some code then you could help him too, to make some progress. Pagekit need some serious interrested guys to fork this project as i don't expect much from yootheme anymore. Those guys are ignorant and i guess people are intolerant to accept ignorance ar all.

    Unfortinately i really hope we can manage a group of people who are willing to fork this project as it is overdue since ages already.

  • You are completely right, this project needs more attention, needs a group of people who can do something for it. I'm agree with you. I wish I could do it, But unfortunately my skill is about zero ?( :rolleyes:

    Same here lad, but at least i try to support the developers we have here. for example has small up to no issues with english and i help him with that a bit, and did corrected some things here and there from time to time. Learned a bit how to code and don't give up the hope that i will be able to code myself one day :)

  • We are all helping each other. I'm proud of that. Thank you all to you :love: . Your web site is very nice Abdulhalim

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.