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  • Hello guys..!!;)

    These months I could not fail to notice the absence of YooTheme and I sincerely think that he is abandoning this project. I read on the forum that you want to keep Pagekit standing. Why not start with a Drag & Drop Frontend Builder? In this way, many users will have one more beautiful reason to use Pagekit. You can say "ok but pagekit is simple to use, so it's easy to create a page with pagekit", I totally agree:thumbup:, but I do not think the user wants to waste time building a page with Markdown or HTML, the user wants something more simple and faster...

    I think that if there are more users using Pagekit for their site, YooTheme will come back to publish the updates.:/

    Sorry for my bad English..;(

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  • They plan to bring Yootheme Pro to Pagekit once they finished it. And a more complete builder you can't find currently out there. And to design and code a good builder is not such an easy task ...

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  • I am aware of this fact. But it seems that YooTheme has abandoned Pagekit in the true sense of the word. I read that many users have complained about YooTheme because they do not work, they did not say "hello guys I'm sorry but we're working on something else" or something like that... I've known Pagekit 4/5 months ago, I would like to really like develop an extension, but I am busy with work and soon my last school year begins... But I managed to improve the manifest extension by creating a small service worker to save the files in the cache of the device.

    If you want I can also publish the extension, but as I said before it is not an extension developed from scratch, but it is an extension not mine with some changes that I have made.

  • Here I fully agree with you.But perhaps it would be better if you take the PageKit project into your own hands and continue to develop it yourself.

    I wish I was a programmer :(