Blogging with Pagekit

  • Hello guys,

    As you know there are two extensions for blogging, the built-in one and the Advanced Blog by Yunes, Thanks to him.

    What do you suggest for blogging? what is the Cons and Pros of two of them?

    If I use built-in blog extensions, Can I upgrade to advanced blog later?

    And another thing, Is it possible for users to commenting without logging-in ?


    Best regards,


    • Helpful

    Hi Abdulhalim,

    Dpnblog is an advanced module of pagekit blog.

    Between Difference =>

    Dpnblog Pagekit Blog
    Category System Not Category System
    Tags System Not Tags System
    Future in version 2
    Post Style (Default , Video , Gallery , Document)
    Categories Menu Module
    Widget Categories List Module
    Widget Tags List Module
    Not Comment System
    (The comment system will come with a different extension.)
    Comment System
    Sitemap XML
    Social Share
  • Well if you used a uikit 3 based theme i would say you should deffo go for the advanced blog. It brings some improvements but there was a description what the difference is. If you don't need categories and tags etc. then you can still stick to the original blog extension.