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    well yeah it should be possible as pagekit is deeply integrated with uikit, at least v2 in actual release, but as far i know it was always possible with uikit to have the possibility for switching to rtl.




    UIkit has the option of on the fly right-to-left language localization. All you need to do is check RTL mode and the whole theme will convert automatically.



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    Well in general i edit always the css file, never touched less so far. And your first request is managed through css too. If you go to:

    You can enable rtl and it works directly so i guess it is only a parameter in the css that need to be changed to get rtl running. If you don't have any experience with customizing the themes you could consider to start with uikit2 documentation as it is helpful to understand how the things works. In general you have the important Template files in your theme folder -> views, but this is for structure / layout in most cases, or you can add more positions for widgets for example pretty easy this way.

    When it comes to color styling or displaying elements or what ever on bottom, top positions then it is mostly done through widgets, and in demo pages they use straight or slightly modified uikit syntax with css stylings to change the appearing.



  • I have experiences with Joomla! a little, But I am not familiar with PK structures.

    Thank you anyway.

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    I used joomla for ages, and changed to pagekit directly when it was still in beta because pagekit was just <3

    Well actually i'm still not sure if i will build further projects on pagekit as the original developers are not putting much effort even to update the depencies to newest versions. Most developers who supported this awesome project sadly dropped this system because the guys in hamburg are ignorant a bit and don't listen well to the community.

    I hope that through this forum we can do something for the future of this project as it is in many ways still a nice one. But needs way more love from developers to keep up with changes on the development market.

    But that is another story, well structure is of course different in compate to joomla and you should really start with documentation for pagekit and uikit then. It helps a lot especially in the begining and is not hard at all. Way easier then any worpress or jommla system. Especially if you can write code in vue.js you would love it i guess. But only in version 1 as pagekit need an upgrade for version 2.x

  • I will stay with Joomla!, I am really happy with that. I have some projects with Joomla! and also I tested dozens of CMS, I guess Pagekit is very good CMS, I have a little blog I want to use it for myself.

    It's very sad if its developer abandon their project:(

    It is so nice there is such person like you that care about project and fans and answer to our questions.

    P.S: I guess you have to mark the topic to RESOLVED, of course thanks to you :) I'm done with the style

    Best regards, <3