UI3Kitify for Pagekit

  • Hey there,

    as i had a request for a documentation for this page and the most difficult part for beginners is to get same results as pages setup with demo data, i have packed the ui3kitify theme to zip package. Just extract and run with build in webserver or any webserver solution for localhosts / native webserver solution.

    Admin Login:

    User: Demo

    Password: demo

    You can download the package right here.



  • @Fosphatic Duke Precisely I was looking for the documentation of your subject, excellent the contribution, I am new in this, so I decompress it I make a yarn install and then a yarn dev or am I wrong?


    I guessed so as you opened an issue on github! :)

    You don't have to install a thing with this package, just unzip and run pagekit internal webserver, or unpack it on real webserver on (premise / online) root folder and open the url in your browser that's it!

    If you have a windows machine just download latest php package for windows and unzip it into C:\php and add it to your system or user path variable in system settings like this:

    edit the php.ini under C:\php\ and remove the ; for following modules:

    save it.

    Start now a command shell or powershell and change to the extracted directory for example: C:\tmp\pk-ui3kitify

    if you have extracted your package under c:\tmp

    now run following command in your command shell or powershell window:

    In Powershell:

    1. php .\pagekit start -s localhost:80

    or in CMD Window:

    1. php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    now open your browser and as url just type: locahost

    for admin panel: localhost/admin

    and you should see:

    User: demo

    Password: demo

  • @Fosphatic Duke i have Arch,

    I could not execute it

    1. php .\pagekit start -s localhost:80
    2. php ./pagekit start -s localhost:80

    tampoco asi

    1. php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    choose to upload it to the test server and it worked, thanks friend, now I will get to modify it and if I'm wrong I'll install it again, thanks for your great contribution.


  • Muchas gracias,

    If you have arch just run in the extracted folder:

    1. php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    Of course you need to install php packages before doing it and edit the php.ini in etc/php(Version Number) or in etc/php/fpm(VersionNumber) if you have php with fpm running. At least i found that ;

    php-fpm 7.2.12-1

    is an available package for arch linux distro, but i never used an arch based linux distro myself. However i don't think that there are things running that much different then other linux distributions.

  • mdf73 hey there,

    i read already your email from contact form, but unfortinately no email adress was provided where i could answer.

    Well for me it is looking fine at the contact as other section you mentioned. Do you tried different browser? As we are talking about the pagekit version of the template or the october cms one?



  • If you used the demo data, then it's true you won't see there a thing, because the webserver path isn't same as my demo site. You can change it easy in the CSS. Just edit the css and look at line 11840 you should see something like:

    Similar for showcase section just look at line 11568:

    1. .showcase {
    2. background: url('/storage/Theme/showcase-bg-fixed-01.jpg') no-repeat center center fixed;
    3. background-size: auto auto;
    4. background-size: auto auto;
    5. background-size: cover;
    6. min-height: 600px;
    7. }

    So this path must fit to your Webserver, especially if pagekit installation is not in the www root folder you need to change that.