Blog extention slug

  • If you really still have problems with getting it the way you want then hook me up I will make you a screen cast video. ✌️

    the problem is still the same

    I have this "blog" twice there and can't get rid of it
    i set the blog as the homepage
    but I am clueless how to get rid of the "/blog" slug and just to go
    straight forward to


  • Info: The pagekit Installation lies under a subfolder called demo, in my case:

    You can still there the last made changes in the second screencast video.

    So here we go semmy: If you want just rename the blog extension to something else then screencast video 1 is the right for you:

    screencast video 1

    Well if this is not enough and you want to get rid of the blog or like in this case the news slug then the screencast video 2 ist the right for you. Just login into you hosting console and open php my admin.

    General hint: It could be that after a pagekit upgrade to next version this step have to be repeated.

    screencast video 2

    Regards Fossy ;)