Problem with claculating the category items in the Driven Listings widget

  • Hi,

    Maybe somebody figured it out or found a solution to this:

    How can I show the number of lists items on the widget? For example: List name (20) - where 20 is the number of items in the list. Is there a field that I can use like {{item.title}}??

    I also contacted the Driven team (its not working):

    Question: Quick question regarding List widget(Pagekit): how to show the number of item in a list


    I think what you're looking for is


    lengthwill give you the number amount ofitems


    Example code:



  • I think you solved :D

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.