• Hi guys,

    as you know unfortinately pagekit get less love then needed from hamburg, so we still have to wait till anything new will be updated or integrated into pagekit, sadly... Well till then i got a nice hint from Roman to check out the competitors cms system called october cms. After one week of playing around with the backend as starting the first attempt for an Uikit Version 3 based theme i wanted to ask for some feedback about the layout on the start page. Actually working on the blog section as october isn't that easy as pagekit is when it comes to a full functional blog (not just klick to install and you good to go) when it comes to theming it properly it's getting way more tricky somehow.

    However here we go a small screencast from the session on the saturday evening:

    Screencast Video

    Feedback is appreciated as always.

    I hope pagekit will be back with newest toys integrated later this year, as i would like to port this theme to pagekit too. But without UIkit 3 it wouldn't be the same...

    Kind regards

    Fossy :S

    Link to the template:




  • Moved to off topic, as the showcase-area is meant for people, who would like to show extensions and themes they created for Pagekit.

    Please note: This is a Pagekit community ;)

    Well yeah it is but without UIkit V3 it isn't possible to do the same one for pagekit, at least not for someone like me who isn't a developer... On positive feedback i would like for sure to bring same template out for pagit as well if pagekit has a feature at all and will be updated. But no one knows actually pretty much and time is running against the still nice CMS, unfortinately with outdated components. ;)

  • Uikit v3 is still RC. But of course it would be great if you‘d migrate this theme to Pagekt.

    Well i had this idea for a longer time already roman, but it is not possible to realise it for me with v2 i tried it several times... Too dumb to get slideshow component with this cards component from 3.0 to work in 2.0. Even it is RC8 actually it runs pretty stable and the beauty is that it don't breaked the theme after i upgraded myself the uikit was used in the master template i used to build this one. Even better in with the beta the scrollspy componen wasn't handling the divs it should behaviour. After changing the js and css files to the newest version works fine now.

    Well one problem i still have i need a good contact formular based on uikit with functions that's unfortinately not available with v3 not for pagekit neither for october. :|

  • October CMS... If I look at the list of extensions, that is quite impressive.

    It is! Templating is easier then for pagekit cms but usability is a plus for pagekit at the first look. Well if you get used to it, it can be a nice cms system too. Depends on the template (theme) you use, as it can implement a rich support on plugins and usuability as configuration possibilites from the backend. Well my first template attempt for it is far from being very easy to configure from the backend, but everyone who is used to pagekit should be able to customize the text and images pretty fast. The good thing is that you install the theme from backend, and it install the plugins used in the template by it's own and if you make it active you see what see in my demo directly, well at least for most things as far i tested it worked fine.

    I make the changes and improvements localy and push it to github, then it is grabbed from october cms and compiled directly after pushing, so i need only to uninstall and install the theme on the demo site that's it.

    By the way as far i get it right is made safe that on updates it should never break the visual appearience.