Dropdown menu

  • Guys, how can I make dropdown menu?

    Like this:

    What is this widget for? How to use it?

    Is the menu widget associated with this code?

    Github page.

  • Hello SPQRInc: Your screenshot is not showing up... And I'm stuck with the same problem right now.
    Is it just adding pages or do I need to setup code for building a sub-menu?



  • Hi Ralf,

    no, you do not need to write code. Just move the menu to the menu's position (e.g. "main menu"). Now you can easily "grab" a menu item and move it. If my screencast is not showing up (I can see it without any problems, ..?) you could watch

    . You can see the "movements" of the menu items at ~3min.

    If you create a structure like

    • Main
      • Test
      • Test
    • Blog
      • Foo
      • Bar

    There will be 2 menu items (Main, Blog) with Dropdowns (Items: Test, Test, Foo and Bar).