Standard permission for widgets - problem with Shortcodes extension

  • Hi All,

    I have a problem with one of the extension. The Shortcodes widget has no permission setting, and wanted to check if its normal the an extension without any permission setting\option is only working when I give someone Admin rights... This is not a normal behavior I think. Is there any solution tho this problem?



  • Just ask the guys from that extension, I had some questions about this extension too an year ago or so and the head of this agency who wrote this extension was very nice guy and helped me out to clear those question.

    There is always some room for improvement of almost any extension, but the problem is as usual the developers don't have much time at all, or don't want to change a thing as it brings additional work after all. So if you really want to progress on those things it is always good then when you can code yourself those things.

  • Hi,

    Yes totally agree with you, and already sent an e-mail. The question is if the extension has no permission settings, this should be available to all of the users, not just admins. I think this is a Pagekit core question. This should be the standard behavior, don't you think? :)

  • Nope ;-)

    The developer of an extension defines possible scenarios and registers permissions. Pagekit can not „guess“ which routes possibly could have security implications.

    This is definitely something the developer has to do.

    Cheers, Roman :-)