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  • I need to run a cron job in my server to run a specific script which import data from an API and save in local database.

    In symfony I normally create a command and in the server I create a cron job to run that command every X hours.

    to do the same I have create my package and with all details (Model/Service/Commands etc), and regist the console command under the console.init in events.

    when the service to save the data on the database from the controller works without any problem.

    When I call the command throw me the follow error:

    1. [Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError]
    2. Call to a member function load() on null

    this happen when I execute the line to create the Model

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  • Hi SPQRInc. Thanks for your help.

    I give a look and implement that solution but unfortunately that doesn't work.

    What I have done instead use the model I have use the ORM Query Builder, and instead call the object I call the App::db()->insert('@tbale', $data).

    That solve my problem.

    Thanks for your help