Using UIKit with PageKit assets extension

  • Hi,

    I am new to using UIKit and this will be a very similar question to another on this forum (this one, but have not been able to figure out how to get UIKit to work with html in the body text.

    I've installed assets extension. Then I downloaded uikit and inserted the uikit.min.css and uikit.min.js(with jQuery as a dependency) as a file in the assets extension. It seems to be working for the most part. However the accordion shows two plus signs (+) to expand and the css seems to override the Pagekit theme's css as for example the button in theme One are more raw looking and font is different family.

    Would someone who has properly implemented UIKit (or used any front-end UI framework for that matter :)) be able to share how they implemented it?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Hey,

    I don't get it at all why you want to use uikit this way as you can use it anyway with pagekit on any site on any module, but unfortunately only up to version 2.

    I guess you want to use the version 3 that would be the only logical reason. In that case it should interfere with the built in v2 support from pagekit. As it is the same framework the core functionality wins over on top extension.

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  • Hi Joel

    Have you downloaded Uikit Github? If you downloaded from github, you made a mistake.

    This =>


  • Hi all,

    Sorry for the late reply; hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I do want to use UIKit v3.

    Also, I downloaded from github earlier but now used the version off the website as you have show . I even copied the css you posted and uploaded it as css asset within the extension but it still shows 2 plus signs at the moment.

  • Accordion Component was available with uikit v2 as well and it is working fine with pagekit. I guess it is double because you use uikit v2 and v3 same time. I would to like very much to have pagekit in newer version with uikit v3 build in but the pagekit guys from yootheme wrote already when uikit v3 will be out of the beta phase it will be integrated into pagekit. Unfortinately they don't have much love over for pagekit actually seems to be as the last small update on pagekit was done last year. Room for improvement is deffo there so more man power with coding experience is needed.