Menu Item

  • Hello. I have create an extension to manage the blog posts by categories.

    in the scripts.php I add the follow code to add the menu:

    if I go to the categories index, both items appear (Categories in the main menu, the burger to the main menu, and All categories in the sub-menu).

    but when I go to the add categories page I don’t have none of the items

    can any one help me understand why this happen, or where i need to tell to the menu item appear in this page.

    This is causing an issue in js and receive the follow message:

    theme.js?v=5992:48 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of undefined

    at theme.js?v=5992:48

    at HTMLDocument.handle (vue.js?v=5992:152)

    that error is related with: