• Doctrine has an DBAL and an ORM package, but Pagekit only uses the former.

    I quite not understand that, because Doctrine offers further functionality an has a way better documentation, which comes in handy if think about customizing a little bit.

    Any thoughts about this?

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  • we are all developers. In fact, we can develop pagekit because they are very busy. We can create a new repository.

    • Symfony is already update
    • We can update Vuejs from v1.x to v2.x
    • We can update the uikit from v2x to v3x

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.