Using the UIKit HTML editor in frontend

  • Hello everybody,

    I would like to use the UIKit HTML-editor in the frontend... It should be working with Markdown and it should be splitted to edit and preview window.

    Unfortunately, I can not use it correctly...

    This is what I did:

    Well... This is my result:

  • I just saw that we had this topic a year ago: Using editor in frontend

    Unfortunately there was no solution... I think the problem is that

    1. this.$pagekit.editor


    is empty in the frontend because it's not added:


    So if I add the editor to the view's data like this:

    1. 'view.layout' => function ($event, $view) use ($app) {
    2. $view->data('$pagekit', [
    3. 'editor' => 'html',
    4. ]);
    5. }

    The v-editor is shown instead of the pure textarea - but the styling is not working.