How to include third-party components

  • Hey everybody,

    well - this drives me crazy at the moment. Maybe somebody (   MalteScharenberg , @all :D ? ) has a solution for this:

    I am trying to include a third-party-vue-component ( to my project. This is what I did so far:

    Alright - now I added the component to my component item-edit.vue:

    Unfortunately I'm getting this error message:

    1. Attributes "v-model", "v-bind" are ignored on component <money> because the component is a fragment instance:

    Any ideas?

  • :/ Pagekit's vue packs are very old. I could not include v-money

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.