Asset + TinyMCE extension problem

  • Are you sure? The first one has indents and the second one has no indents...? Please provide the exact result from the HTML-source view.

    But what I can see so far: spqr/assets is working. The asset is added and so everything regarding this extension is fine.

  • And what I see:

    You sent two pictures (before TinyMCE and after TinyMCE)... The first one had - e.g. a solid frame just around the widget. The second one did not have that frame.

    Now if I look at it:

    The frame is added using spqr/assets:

    1. .uk-overlay-panel {
    2. border-width:2px;
    3. border-style: solid;
    4. border-color: #ffffff;
    5. }

    So you need to provide a clean before/after HTML output that makes it possible to diff it easily.

  • Hi SPQRInc

    I think I found out what is the problem. After you switch to TinyMCE and would like to save the code, it removes classes, the figcaption and overlay:

    BEFORE TinyMCE is activated and used:

    AFTER TinyMCE is used:

    1. <div class="uk-cover-background" style="height: 155px; background-image: url('storage/Elemek/FEZEN_Jegy_354x159.png');">
    2. <h3>BÉRLET <br>16.990 FTNEW</h3>
    3. <div class="p">
    4. <div class="bg"><a href="#">ONLINE VÁSÁRLÁS</a></div>
    5. <div class="bg"><a href="#">JEGYIRODÁK</a></div>
    6. <div class="bg"><a href="#">K&amp;H SZÉP KÁRTYA</a></div>
    7. <div class="bg"><a href="#">OTP/MKB SZÉP KÁRTYA</a></div>
    8. </div>
    9. </div>

    What could be the solution to this?