Justify and center buttons using the Switcher buttons component

  • Hi All,

    I have the following problem with the Switcher buttons: I'm unable to jusfify and center them so that it can be "used" on smaller screens also (this is a nightmare for me, I'm unable to figure this out, found a workaround last time, but that doesn't help here).

    I want to style 4 buttons, they should look like as you can see in the attached image (Justified buttons problem.png) but right now if I switch to moble view they look terrible (Justified buttons on smaller screen.png). I want to have them in 2 rows, 2 buttons in each row in mobile view.

    How it is possible? Do you have any idea, how do you guys accomplish this? Hava look: http://jon.fezen.hu/program

    I have the following code right now (it a little bit messy, I know):

    Any help is much appreciated,



  • Hi,

    try set class of buttons parent div to:

  • Hi,

    I have put this one back to unresolved, because a tiny part isn't working.

    Thx for the great solution for the button appearence to jhejlik , unfortunately it is not possible to make the first button behave like an active button , only if you force it withh class, but after that is stay ative the whole time... So that need to be solved as well.

    I tried every possible way, but no luck, have a look on the site as well: http://jon.fezen.hu/program

    If you have any idea, please help.