How to use this forum (please read before writing your first post)

  • Hey, Pagekiteer,

    we are very happy to welcome you here in our forum.

    Please read this message carefully before making your first post.


    We all want to be friendly with each other. Be polite, even if your question is not understood or answered correctly.

    Spam/Unsolicited Messages

    Our forum is intensively moderated. You can assume that every public message from a new user will be read.

    As a new user, unless you have at least 5 unlocked posts, you may not post without moderation. This means that your posts must be activated by a moderator after they have been sent.

    This is how we prevent spam. Speaking of spam: We will delete all links in signatures, profile fields or posts if they have been set by a new user. In such a case you will first be warned and later deleted.

    Forum language

    Yes - the forum can display its controls in several languages - and this message is also multilingual (depending on the language you chose during registration). However, the language of the conversations here in the forum is English. This is because the Pagekit community is still very small and scattered across all continents. If you do not speak English, you can only use a translation service (for example: or

    Quality of contributions

    Yes - Your contribution should be informative. Short questions are easy to ask, but uncomfortable to answer. Please describe your request in detail and tell us what you have already tried to solve the problem. Screenshots or screencasts that can be attached to describe the problem are ideal.

    It is also important: Please format your contribution.

    For example, you can add smaller code passages using the inline code (>_-button).

    Longer code passages can be marked with the code tag (</>-button):

    1. <?php
    2. foreach($question in $questions){
    3.     $forum->create->topic($question);
    4. }
    5. ?>

    One topic per issue/problem

    Well - you've already found out that we hope that our users will show a little initiative and write high-quality articles that make it easy for us to help every user.

    But there is one more thing: Please only add your contribution to an existing one if it really is an addition to it. If it is not a supplement, please open a new topic.

    Mark topics as solved

    When a topic is finished - please mark it as such. This makes it easier for us to find topics that have not yet received a satisfactory solution.

    Closing topics is very easy:

    That's it

    If you follow these guidelines, I am sure that we can develop a very productive community here.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Greetings, Roman