Cannot select individual pages in site / pages

  • Hmm... When I am in the admin panel / Site /Pages I can select all the pages (by clicking on the box nearby Title) but I canno tick or untick an indivdual page. I am running the latest pagekit version, tried it with PHP71 and 72 as well as Safari, Forefox and Opera on my iPad. It had worked before - but that might have been on my Mac and not an an iPad. Anybody having similar challenges?

  • I can‘t do screencasts on an iPad... Or at least I would not know how. And guessing from your IP address on your screenshot, you are not using a mobile device, right? When I look at your screenshot, I can tick left to the TITLE column header (and untick), but it would not work for Home, Blog, ... Looking at the Pagekit issues filed on GitHub, I think I am not alone. Edge seem to have been a solution in the past on a mobile device but does not work either anymore. I have now installed Puffin and that seems to work (but it is not a really elegant browser to work with). I also just installed Aloha but that does not work either. So, a half-baked solution seems to be Puffin. At least I can delete pages again and do not have to go to the database admin panel of my hosting provider to do it manually...

    SPQRInc : Thank you for your ongoing suppport. Very much appreciated.