Creating a widget extension

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm creating a simple widget so that a user can add an image, a link, title and text to a section on a page using a widget.

    I've created the extension, checked other system files and extensions, I can enable it, I ran webpack so my js should be ok, My namespace looks ok, but when I try to add the widget in the front-end my custom fields are not showing. I just get the title field and that's it.

    I put files on github:

    Can anyone spot what I've done wrong? Or have any advice?

    Many Thanks,


  • Hi Leanne (aren't you using another username? :D )

    Well - what happens exactly, once you add your widget? Is the title of the widget shown? Is it possible to echo out a simple string? Or display a var_dump? Or isn't that possible?