Nginx Installation

  • I was wondering if anyone has done an installation of pagekit with Nginx?

    I find Nginx to run so much better when configured compared to apache2. Apache seems to run out of memory quick. Doing a stress test on apache2 i found the site can only handle 50 concurrent users and avg 3 seconds for page load for the homepage.

    I have done a symfony stress test on a smaller server and it could handle 100 concurrent users with avg page load of 65ms. I was wondering if anyone had better success with nginx or has installed it.

  • The server seems to have spawned hundreds of apache2 processes.

    Hm, which event handler is your apache using? With prefork it's quite normal that there are a few more processes running. But hundreds are not normal when it's all used by one request.

    You could also use mod_status to determine which processes are doing something and which are just waiting for something. You could also use apachetop.

    I am using Apache with PHP-FPM on most setups. NGINX is just used as reverse proxy.