PageKit site with Laravel

  • Hi, I have a simple site to order email services done with Laravel that uses Stripe for payments.

    The site is REALLY simple and I want to keep it that way but I'm looking for a way to put PageKit in use on that site to get proper content management for extra links and info.

    My idea was to have top menu done with PageKit (like good old frames or something.)

    Any ideas how best to go about this?


  • Sry 4 the lack of clarity in my communication.

    I want to keep the core functionality of the automated Laravel/Stripe code to order email address's from

    This is something I doubt PageKit could easily handle.

    But the current code is only designed to function in a very narrow static manner (for security reasons.)

    For that reason creating menu entries for additional information always requires a coder and several hours of work.

    I would like to combine them to get best of both worlds.

  • I managed to do it with the default theme using this iframe code on Homepage.

    1. <iframe src="" width="768" height="800"></iframe>

    If you are interested to see how it looks take a look at the dev site.

    The real site looks like this.

    Only problem is that after you click on the language links you loose the iframe.


    Edited 2 times, last by Sami Mattila: Dev site moved. Iframes no longer in use. If you know how to use dynamic variables (site-names) I'm still very interested. ().