Is Pagekit dead?

  • Honestly, if you remember SPQRInc we once talked about it, Pagekit Foundation would be the only way to ensure that the product could be continually developed by the community in a way that WordPress is. Sure, you have Automattic, but most of the grunt work is done by the commmunity.

  • Yes, I remember that... But a Pagekit-foundation would not solve the problem that there are not enough devs working on the core. If you have a look at the pull requests - well... You see?

    But a foundation is still an interesting idea... :/

  • Pagekit is not ready to die yet. Too young and too easy to use. Let‘s wait a little longer and fork if there is no change: „+1 for Roman for Mr. Fork :)

  • Well - that's very flattering :D . But a fork is the very last option. I think it would be the best to wait what saschad is telling us :)

    I think it's too easy to say: "Hey YooTheme, change your priorities" - YooTheme is a company that has to make money with their daily business. Working on Pagekit does not bring any money.

    So what they did is already a lot - but of course it would be sad to see Pagekit die. I think we need more active developers that also work on Pagekit's core. But unfortunately there are not that many devs around here ;)

    Maybe a foundation is a good idea - a really important feature is a better marketplace with possibilities for devs to sell their extensions. At the moment we have to wait for YooTheme to get this feature done. A foundation could maintain the package system independently.

  • Hi @all,

    unfortunately there has not been any response yet. I have to admit: I am a bit frustrated at the moment. Well, of course I am not leaving the community, but this year will be a very important year for Pagekit. A lot of dependencies are out of date for a quite long time now and if there is nothing done, Pagekit will no longer be a "innovative" piece of software.

    For me it's really disappointing at the moment, because I created this forum and wrote a lot of extensions to push this great CMS. But Pagekit needs more love from the creators. I am waiting for several pull request to be merged.

    My AMP-extension is waiting for a Pagekit-update for more than 6 months now.

    I am pretty sure saschad is doing his best - and of course YooTheme has to make money with their products somehow. But if we look at the facts, we see that Pagekit 1.0.13 has been published almost one year ago and it contained only minor fixes.

    I will wait for one or two months - after that I need a decision: Will there be a focus on Pagekit or not? If not, we all should think about forking the project.

  • SPQRInc: Most important: don't get frustrated by someone/-thing you can't influence. You have done an outstanding job so far and you have inspired us. However, I cannot understand this attitude and poor communication, too.

    Let's start the Hangout series next week and try to motivate each other.

  • First of all: Thank you for your kind words.

    Second: You are right - I shouldn't be frustrated - but I am :D I guess I am frustrated, because I am unable to understand why YooTheme is not even writing a 2-minutes-post like "we are alive and preparing XYZ". There's nothing. Even the latest blog-entry is just a "repost" of an older post.

    I just don't get it.

    But to be positive: Let's motivate each other and maybe we can really find devs, who would join a forked project.

  • Hi,

    Yes, first of all thank you Roman for you outstanding support, and awesome widgets!

    It's hard to tell what is happening right now in Yootheme HQ, we "warned" and informed them several times, I wrote them already a second e-mail (still no response).

    Are any of the developers registered here in the Forum btw? :) This kind of ignorance is outrageous, I can't understand why they are not communicating at all..a small bog post, anything. :/

    We have to find a way to maintain this great project. Maybe we should start to create our own groups in the different countries (Facebook, Meetups) and recruit devs and fans. It has great potential, and I think everybody feels the same, that we put a lot of effort to get to know the systems, and it will be hart breaking to realize that maybe there will be a point when we have to abandon the ship...

  • I just received a response from one of the developers of the Shortcodes extension, and he is right. Every dev will abandon Pagekit if they see that there is no progress regarding the core CMS:

    The e-mail:

    Hi Balazs,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    It is a good idea to implement permissions. Perhaps we will have a look how to do it it soon.

    Unfortunately, there is no progress in Pagekit development and we also took a pause in new releases.

    Kind Regards,

    Eugene Sivokon

    NorrNext support department

  • Meanwhile on the YOOtheme website :)

    Open Source Projects - Pagekit

    At YOOtheme we're passionate about creating great tools for developers. Explore our two popular Open Source projects and benefit from their large developer community.

  • To be honest I think we'll abandon it if things don't start happening very soon.

    I selected this CMS because it was simple and easy to use for users and had a good UI.

    I knew at the start that it didn't have a lot of things: multilang, taxonomies but at the time I felt sure from the noises Sascha and others at YooTheme were making that they'd be along soon.

    However that hasn't been the case and since we launched our first pagekit site 2 years ago we've had to constantly develop stuff that should be there by now so that sites are usable enough for people to be happy but I tired of this.

    If YT Pro with the same features was introduced into PK then that would solve most of my problems.

    To me it looks like they have bitten of more than they could chew.