Is Pagekit dead?

  • Hi,

    I like Pagekit, I like the stuff Yootheme does, I use Yootheme Pro on Joomla to build websites and once I got my head around it I kind of like it a lot now.

    But Pagekit.... Its been 4 months since the last commit on GitHub. There are things people have been crying out for ages such as Taxonomies and Multilang but also really silly things such as menu heading and opening menu link in a new tab or window.

    So fare we've done our own templates and extensions for use in our company and a lot of little improvements to the basic functionality of pagekit we've done via the template.

    But as we've invested a lot of time building and developing pagekit sites I'm quite worried about the lack of development and I'm at the point now where I'm holding off development on anything because I want to see if Sascha and guys in Munich are going to develop this great little CMS any further.

    I'd like to see some kind of sign from Sascha that things are moving forward and maybe a little roadmap for new features so people can feel confident using Pagekit for the future.


  • I had allready asked Sasha about their plans with pagekit. He told me follwing:


    we are currently working on UIkit 3 and YOOtheme Pro (a theme / page builder for Joomla and WordPress and later Pagekit )

    it will be our focus till summer

    once UIkit 3 and YOOtheme Pro ( are feature complete, we will start getting both into Pagekit

    That's a messsage from the 2.3.2017.

    So i think we have to wait a little bit until yootheme will continue pagekit development.

    I'm a little bit afraid about a complete new release with no possibility to update to this version.

    If you take a look at vue.js, what's a big part of pagekit, you'll see that pagekit uses version 1.x. There is vue.js 2.x available. This brings a lot of changes!

    It really would be great to get something like an roadmap.

  • Hi nick.dring ,

    well - I wrote round about 100 comments on Twitter, on, about this. I do not think that they are going to let Pagekit die; but I think they do not have enough resources to manage UIKit, YooTheme Pro, Theme Club (Joomla & WordPress) and Pagekit.

    At the moment the team seems to be heavily working on UIKit 3.

    I really hope that YooTheme is going to work on Pagekit soon. Pagekit can be an alternative to other CMS, but only if some basic stuff like taxonomies is going to be included.



    I want to see if Sascha and guys in Munich are going to develop this great little CMS any further.

    Munich? I always thought they are from Hamburg?

  • And: I hope this forum supports the heartbeat of Pagekit. I really hope that people who would like to use Pagekit use this forum to get information, aswell as developers who would like to add extensions or themes.

    Only if there is a strong user base, Pagekit can have success.

  • I think they have already invested so much work in pagekit, that they don't let it die.

    It's a great, new base to create clean and fast websites. I really like the work with pagekit.

    The only thing is: The guys from YooTheme should spend a little bit more time in Communication around the project an it's plans for the future.

  • Thanks for correcting me Roman, yes of course its Hamburg!

    Well I'm glad I'm not the only person concerned and I also agree that it seems the they are indeed biting off more than they can chew at the moment.

    And yes it does need a strong user base to survive.


  • If we have a look at the Pagekit Roadmap there are some interesting points:

    • Custom Fields #119
    • Front-end Editing #97
    • Revisions #4
    • Taxonomies #3
    • Multi-language #173

    In my case revisions, multi language and taxonomies are the most important ones.

    But there is another point: Many WordPress-users are using WP, because there are sooo much free themes and premium themes available. You can build your own website without a line of CSS.

    It would be very very cool if YooTheme would publish their Club-Themes for Pagekit, too. I think there would be much more people who change to Pagekit if there are more themes available.

    To quote the roadmap:


    The next major goal is to make YOOtheme Pro ready for Pagekit.

    That would be nice, too :)

  • Hi guys,

    Currently we are working on UIkit 3 (~80% done) and YOOtheme Pro (~65% done). We hope to have both ready in Autumn.

    The plan is to bring YOOtheme Pro to Pagekit by the end of the year. We think, this will be huge for Pagekit because YOOtheme Pro is a powerful theme (or more a website builder with a real-time preview) and comes features like a page builder, a style customizer for UIkit, different header layouts, a comprehensive layout, style and element library including slideshows, accordions and so much more... You can try YOOtheme Pro here

    We think, it's very important for Pagekit now to have great themes and extensions, like a page builder or a shopping cart. With YOOtheme Pro we are covering the themes, widgets and the page builder. We also hope that some great extensions will be created by the Pagekit community. For example, I heard several people are working on a shopping cart.

  • Hi saschad and welcome to this board :)

    Nice to have one of the creators here.

    YooTheme Pro would be a unbelievable cool feature for Pagekit. But I think that some developers are just waiting for some other "basic" features like taxonomy to add new extensions. Nobody wants to write a taxonomy-feature for his or her own extension if there is an official version planned (at least I am waiting for an official feature as I do not to reinvent the wheel or write something that is obsolete a few month later and I have to rewrite everything). In some other cases I do not even know if things I planned are possible at all (e.g. CLI support for extensions; I would need that to run scheduled tasks).

    I guess what other users and developers would like to see is some more continuity in development - smaller bugfixes, more features, additional content for the docs (very important e.g. the lifecycle mentioned here).

    I'm sure you understood the feedback as it was meant: We all really appreciate the work of YooTheme and we all hope that Pagekit's future will be a wonderful one :)

    Thanks again and greetings to Hamburg :)

  • Sorry I missed saschad comment.

    Yes first of all thanks for all the great work. I use Yootheme Pro quite a lot now and its cool.

    As for PK, speaking from my POV I need widgetkit and taxonomies.

    We've built our own gallery into our PK template but its pretty basic and I am loathe to do anything more as I expect widgetkit to come along soon ;)

    YT Pro would be cool but in my case we use PK for our research sub sites and have our own template for that.

    But if there was YT Pro for PK it would probably mean that I start to use it for other research project websites instead of Joomla.