A little blog using Pagekit

  • Hello everybody,

    this is my new website: https://reptilien.blog

    Some facts

    • Language: German
    • CMS: Pagekit (of course ;) )
    • Topic: Pets/Animals
    • Theme: pagekit/brick
    • Extensions:
      • bixie/breadcrumbs
      • bixie/blogposts
      • bixie/framework
      • pagekit/blog
      • spqr/toc
      • spqr/sitemap
      • spqr/seo
      • spqr/assets
      • spqr/shariff
      • spqr/linker
      • spqr/markoldcontent
      • spqr/glossary
      • spqr/hidemail
      • spqr/latestblogcomments
      • spqr/redirect
      • spqr/cookiewarning
      • spqr/security
      • spqr/lightbox
      • friendly-it/search (not published, as there's still a bug in it ( neicv : I added it to the GitHub issues. I would really love to use that extension)

    So at the moment there's not a lot of content in it - but I worked a bit to get things like that working: https://reptilien.blog/blog/2018/02/futtertierzucht

    As you see here, I added spqr/toc - but it's displayed right in the content section and not as a widget. And it's sticky. So as I am not really a CSS-pro, this was a lot of work for me :D

    So I would love to hear your comments. Don't be mean - I know the blog only contains 2 posts at the moment, but I am only writing about things I went through :D