• As far as I understand correctly, this forum is designed to support PageKit,which is why I'm interested.

    About the request to help set up Formmaker it's not a respect,it was a question and a request for help with setting up..

    I have not insulted anyone or shown anything to you,so calm down and exhale deeply.

    If this is not a support forum PageKit that I really made a mistake by registering on your forum by clicking on the link from the official site PageKit

  • This is a community based forum nothing official from YOOtheme we are just pagekit users as you and help as learn from each other as good as we can.

    I have tool even time and made a video where you can see exactly how to do it. As well you have been provided additional information here in text form and alternatives... so if can't still set it up this buggy extension then it's still not possible. to say what's going wrong as you give an error description like nothing... It don't help much of you just wrote I can't set it up...

    Error messages, Screenshots from. every setting and still can't answer of you get a test email on pagekit Backend which has nothing to do with this extension so what do you expect?

    Do you read through netiquette? Better input = better output when it comes to helping someone. Your input is like 0.1 when it comes to analyse the problem we have no chance. But you want 100% output from us still....

    I'm not sure if there is someone out there who can help you at all then tbh. We help here people as good as we can, for free we are not payed for that. It's our free time you get it?