• Hello !

    Please help to configure the module correctly


    Like set up exactly according to the video that posts above, but something in the mail an empty letter.

    Independently at me it is impossible to configure in any way

  • Hello !

    Please help to configure the module correctly


    Like set up exactly according to the video that posts above, but something in the mail an empty letter.

    Independently at me it is impossible to configure in any way


    impossible? If you watched the video it should be possible, exactly the way it shows. Well at least as long you user a uikit v2 based template it should be looking after all similar to the how to video. As well even it is mentioned in the video already a real SMTP E-Mail Account Data are needed and has to work, otherwise it won't work at all.

    If you get an email but it's empty then you don't configured the formmaker as shown in the video...



  • i can't do anything else then shown...

    It's not my extension even i'm not working for your provider who host the e-mails. There nothing "magical" about setting it up. Just do as shown and before this test your smtp server settings in the pagekit backend.

    Do you get a test mail?

    If yes then step 2 the extension as shown in the video...

    p.s. i would suggest you to go through following topics:

    Über dieses Forum

    Especially with the part of giving quality input for any problem you have. Just to write that you have a problem don't help a lot. Try to debug the problem as good as you can, then follow the suggestions were made to you and give any output results before further analyse can be made. All in all if you want to work with pagekit I can only give you the advice to learn to help yourself as goos as possible, otherwise you won't have much fun. It is a community based forum and we are not related to yootheme the company behind pagekit, just for your clarification if you didn't knew that...

    I think i give my best already to help here anyone as good as i can, as other active users doing here the same.

  • Okay, thanks.
    Then it would be easier for me to just provide contact text information than mess with the damn module

    There is another new extension that is not linked to uikit 2 templates only, you can even use then the uikit 3 version of theme one that i have ported and updated last weekend to latest uikit availailable. To improve the visual fidelity as have easier syntax to use. Uikit3 is just better then 2.

    The Extension is available in the Marketplace too, but the latest version is not installable through marketplace at all somehow. SAB is a skilled coding guy who made it possible to have a total control over every form as having multiple instances of different forms on one page, which is impossible with bixies extension.

    Please tell me, how do I contact the developer of this Formmaker module directly ?

    Have contacts with him ?

    Well that you could do on github, but let me tell you it's a dead road as this guy isn't answering or doing anything anymore for pagekit officially under the name bixie. The extension has as well some bugs many users here can sing you not only one song I guess.

    So if you ask me, I would suggest you to switch over to uikit 3 based template, to improve the visual fidelity on your homepage as make your life easier in many ways through simpler syntax usage.

    Furthermore download the new form extension from SAB, nice guy by the way with huge knowledge about this cms, and install it though upload function in pagekit backend, this should work still flawlessly. Setting up it as suggested on github or in a thread here and enjoy your work, you can be proud of for sure.

    But still first thing you have to ensure that your SMTP settings are correct and you get test mails running like a charm through pagekit backend without any extension. I hope this was clear enough to clarify some things.



  • The transition from UIKit2 One to UIKit3 One was not quite stable. Much of that had to be edited. This is awkward. In Unikit 2 One everything worked fine what not to say about UIKit3 One

    Did you tried the last version? What did not worked fine at all? The Uikit 3 was not final in the early releases, but now the template is using the latest version of uikit 3 available and working like a charm, even you can change some things slightly more individual then the original template, directly from configuration screens of pages or widgets.

    You can just switch in 10 Minutes from one template to another, both can run side by side and settings will be kept for each version.

    SAB's extenstion throw an error when you install it from marketplace out from pagekit backend that's true, thats what he wrote few posts before...

    And as I wrote you already or did tried to show you that post before, you can just download it from marketplace the zip file and install it manually from pagekit's backend throgh extension install menu not marketplace... This should work still like a charm. It must be a marketplace related bug without giving any error messages that's why sab is not able to fix it as yootheme don't provided any documentation or source code for the marketplace...

  • Who are you talking about?

    Awwww you don't know him? I thought probably you do. It was an unfriendly fellow, you can see some rest comments on the first page in this thread. This guy:

    His english was not the best unfortinately so he liked to post here in russian pretty often somehow. Most of the time pretty weird stuff, not many could understand.

    So if you don't know him, then you don't missed much tbh. ;)

  • And you here all users such claims expose and accuse it is unclear what if people are not clear in setting up the module Formmaker ?
    What a boorish disrespect for the users ?

    This makes no sense at all, but tbh you have a video and explanations here how to set it up. There is still not magic about how to do it.

    If you have a problem with the language as it is visibly a language barrier then you can change it. No one else... Don't blame anyone here for the things we can't anything for. We are not the ones who did this extension and as well there still some other factors possible.

    You don't provide any normal error message nothing just write I have double checked it that's it. I have some installations out there and few older are using this extension and it's working with many different providers exactly the way it shown in the video if it's not working for you then it's not my fault.

    You can't even write if you get a test in mail settings of pagekit. So what so you expect?

    Respect after you asked me in a disrespectful way if I'm able to set it up? As I wrote you we had already a user who was acting pretty same as you do. Starting blaming us for his own incompetence...

    If you are not able to set it up yourself because you don't understand something what's going wrong then search help from someone who is willing to help you in the way you ask for help.