• Hi,

    in my extension i have an date object. In my view file i want to display the short version of the month name (f.e: Dez instead of Dezember).

    As you can see i want to use the german translation of the month name. Now i found following file in the pagekit core app/system/languages/de_DE/formats.json

    This file contains exactly that what i need. :-)

    No the big question is, how to use it? I tried something like

    1. <?php
    2.     echo __("May");
    3. ?>

    but this will only return May

    There is no topic about this in the pagekit docs... maybe someone had the same problem and found a solution for that.



  • From what I see those values are just parsed and passed to the frontend. So using them in the backend is not possible. It is parsed in the getFormats function and that is only used in some controller for the frontend as far as I see.