Pitfall: Edit files of Pagekit's core, third-party themes or third-party-extensions

  • Hello everybody,

    well - I am writing this topic, because I often see people modifying the files of Pagekit's core or files of third-party packages (themes or extensions).

    Don't do that!

    I know - it's an easy way to add or modify the behavior of Pagekit or a third-party-package, but it's bad style. If there's an update of the package you modified, all your changes will be overwritten immediately.

    Of course you could say: "Ooooh, I will just not update the package. As long as it's working for me, I don't need updates."

    Of course you could. This could work out for you - but what do you do once there's a security-related update? Or an update, that is required to support recent Pagekit releases? Sometimes, you need to update.

    Instead of modifying the core-files, you could do the following:

    • Add JS/CSS to Pagekit using on-board-possibilities (Admin-Dashboard > Sites > Settings > Code)
    • Add JS/CSS to Pagekit using spqr/assets-extension
    • Fork the theme or extension if you need to add something that is not JS/CSS-related
    • Create view-overrides