Reordering list of elements

  • Hello everybody,

    I would like to create a list of items that can be reordered by drag & drop. I checked out the Pagekit-source and tried to get that working.

    Well - it works, but it's buggy.

    If I reorder the element after the page has been reloaded, the ordering seems not to be saved. If I reload the page after reordering the correct order is shown.

    I think it has something to do with the performance of saving the order.

    This is a screencast of the problem:

    And this is how I store the ordering:

    And this is how I add that to my view:

    1. <ul class="uk-nestable uk-margin-remove" v-el:nestable v-show="tree">
    2.     <field v-for="field in tree" :field="field"></field>
    3. </ul>

    Any idea how to solve this?