Evaluating Pagekit for Group Collaboration - Status Feed?

  • Hello,

    I'm really interested in setting up PageKit of a group of academic critical performance artists - heavily collaborative group, sharing of mixed media, and ongoing discussions and notes. I'm curious if PageKit has an extension that allows for the traditional 'facebook style' status feed? This would be a news/updated feed produced through a shared group - a 'la friends posting status, which is updated across all members/subscribers/etc. Perhaps PageKit supports something similar that can be used to the same effect?

    I haven't tried a demo yet, so I apologize in advance, I just thought I might ask first before diving in.

  • Hi,

    Pagekit does not provide something like a social network extension yet.

    But it could be easily added by an extension.

    As the user-module could be extended easily it would take 1-3 days of work.

  • Thanks for your response, I think this would be the only missing feature from pagekit that would keep me from deploying for my group - esp to share content in status updates (though maybe that would require more work?). Being a complete novice, I wonder if one could offer a bounty for this? Perhaps there are some devs in the forum who would be interested in paid work?