Internal Server Error/Misconfiguration

  • Sorry. But the unformatted stuff get I per email 🧐 from the Provider.

    You can simply paste it (as you did ;) ) and use the </>-button in the forum's editor :)

    The >_ button can be used for inline code.

    Yes, the redirect Extension runs. I made a redirect from page 404 failure to selfmade Page.

    Hm... I don't think that the extension is causing the error, but to be sure you could disable it and remove the # in front of the Rewrite base .

    But the Site Works and everything is fine. Little slowly, but this fix I after I rescue the Galaxy in StarWars 🙃

    May the force be with you :)

  • I think the Force ist not with the Provider. There also Problems to make Updates. SSL is only with Proxy available and put the site out without CSS. But for the Moment, Page works. Customers Contract with Provider is going to March 18. Think we move to another one. Never had such Problems before.

    Next Time I will use the Code Snippet. 🧐