Gallerie direkt Einbetten

  • Hallo,

    erstmal vorweg. Eurer CMS ist mit Abstand das schönste was ich bisher genutzt habe. Ich war vorher jahrelanger Wordpress Nutzer, aber da das System immer mehr aufbläht und teilweise richtig langsam ist habe ich mit PageKit DIE Alternative gefunden.

    Nun zur Gallerie. Im moment besteht ja nur die Möglichkeit diese zu Verlinken, kann man diese auch direkt in eine Seite einbetten?


  • Hello primel and welcome to this board.

    As you may not have noticed, the conversations here are in English, because the Pagekit-community consists of developers and users from all over the world.

    So even if the forum itself shows a German translation to the navigation, please let other users participate :-)

    So I will translate what your question was: primel asked, if there is any possibility to embed gallery directly.

    My question is: Do you want to show a gallery page with some pictures or do you want to embed one or more pictures to an existing page (article, blog post, ...)?

    • add a widget and use the widget includer to include the widget to any content (I think our member Tobbe wrote this extension. Maybe he can help you with the details?)

    Yep, that's my extension. It works quite simple: After you installed the extension, you can easily select any widget you created. To select a widget just click on the puzzle piece and fill out the details in the popup. The code for including the widget is automatically generated based on what you select and enter. If you have any questions, just ask :)

  • Hey, I tried the same procedure as the thread opener but I couldn't add a gallery to a widget (that I would import to a page)...

    I used this pagekit-extension, but when I created a gallery I'm not able to put the content into a widget (in backend: Site - Widgets - Add widget). I can only add my other extensions and contents except the gallery that is not listed.

    Any ideas how to fix that or is there an alternative gallery with similar functions?

    Regards Luftgekühlt

  • Just to be sure: The extension itself is active?

    Yes. All extensions are active, it's possible to add other extensions to a widget and I'm able to import these widgets to pages in the editor.

    I also created a test-gallery, but the menu to put an extension to a widget doesn't show the gallery (see screenshot - the "Slideshow" is another extension).

    There is also the possibility to open the gallery by directlink and it works fine, but it would be perfect to add it to a "pagekit-page" (via the widget includer of Tobbe ).

  • You are right. I checked it on another Pagekit-page of me and I am sure that I included the pictures to an existing site before. But there is no widget.

    Maybe I have to write a widget for this extension.

  • That would be a really cool goody for the usability (if it doesn't take to much time).:thumbup:

    I tried different ways to include the pictures of one gallery (not the overview) like a manual import with shortcodes and UIKit but with TinyMCE-editor the shortcodes have to be typed in manually and that is not the best way for the enduser in the backend who just wants to type in texts and add images to a gallery...

  • Hi,

    I have installed this extension too and here it is working.

    You had to create first a gallery in the settings side.

    And after, there is a gallery icon in the editor. That opens a window and you choose your gallery.

    Hope that will help.

  • Ah ok, it seems that the TinyMCE-Editor doesn't support the insertions for the shortcodes and the gallery... Thanks for that hint!

    Does anybody know what the limit at the gallery matters when I set it at a page?

    When I set the gallery for the page I have a big preview with the buttons to switch through the pictures. But is it possible to show the thumbnails wich enlarge by a click like in the extra site that can be linked by the "More"-Button, or did I forget any settings?

    In the attachment you can see what I see and what I would like to have if possible.

    (In addition: I also don't know why the original gallery [picture right] isn't shown in a white box?..).

  • I have the same here.

    In the page it is the image witch is displayed. And the thumbnails only when clicking on "more".

    If you look at the address then, you will see the "/gallery/[name of gallery]".

    Perhaps a way to do what you want is to create a link page with the adress og the gallery ?

  • That's a cool idea!
    I think I will use the gallery with the description for pages with pictures and link it to the menu...

    But there is still the problem: Why is the content not in a white box like the other stuff? Otherwise it's really difficult to read and looks with a background not really beautiful (Theme Avion)...

    Edit: Same at the Portfolio-projects... When I click at the overview on one project with more details (a new site), the content is without a box like at the gallery(?).

  • I have tried the theme Avion in my test website.

    But I don't know how to get a background image. I don't know if I have installed it correctly.

    If you know where this image is defined, perhaps you can remove it for the gallery page ?

  • Thanks for your efforts.

    But I don't know how to get a background image. I don't know if I have installed it correctly.

    I think you installed it correctly. I coded a custom.css that overwrites the standard-theme-CSS-Code, e.g. the white background with the shown picture.

    If you know where this image is defined, perhaps you can remove it for the gallery page ?

    I would say the problem is solved. No background wasn't a real alternative for me however the extensions doesn't use the theme-class where the white box is defined. An addition in the PHP of the gallery that uses the theme-classes leds to the following result that satisfies me. :)