Exit Intent

  • Hello,

    today I released version 1.0.3 of my extension exit intent.

    It comes with the following changes:

    1. - ADD: New settings modal in Pagekit's extensions-view
    2. - ADD: Ability to show exit intent modal only on specific nodes
    3. - FIX: Namespaced extension/extension's config

    Just update using the built-in updater or download from Pagekit's marketplace :)

  • I just updated to version 1.0.4.

    This is the changelog:

    1. ## 1.0.4
    2. - ADD: Replaced bower with npm/webpack
    3. - ADD: Bumped Ouibounce version
    4. - ADD: Added French translation (thanks to the great community!)
  • Today I released version 1.0.5, which comes with 2 minor changes:

    1. ## 1.0.5
    2. - FIX: Renamed Helper to Plugin
    3. - ADD: Added Info-Tab to the settings

    Both changes do not fix bugs that you were really mentioning on using this extension. First of all, I renamed the Helper as it's a content-plugin. I also added a info-tab to the settings-modal, which shows a link to this forum and a link to a support-me page on spqr.wtf so users, who would like to support my work, can do this.