New account's postings must be confirmed by a moderator first

  • Hello everyone,

    as this forum has a category called "SEO", some spammers are using this to create posts that "recommend" SEO-agencies.

    Well - this is not nice and I would like to keep this forum clean. Once the spammer's notice that this forum is a good address for posting annoying ads, the situation could get even worse.

    So I decided to leave posts inactive, if they are written by accounts that do not have a specific number of posts and contain an outgoing link. Now the spammers decided to write postings without having links like http:// - they posted ads without inserting auto-linked URLs.

    I don't like this, too - and I think it's a good idea to moderate postings of all users that are new to this forum. After writing 5 posts this moderation is no longer necessary.

    Thank you for understanding :)